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May 23, 2010

Sullivan’s Salvos 5/25/10

In this edition:

*Rachel’s Graduation
*Jordan, too!
*Last but not least, BJ
*Memorial Day
*Solon Fire Department Breakfast
*Dan’s Overhead Doors
*Did You Know?

*Congratulations, Rachel!
My oldest child graduates from City High Saturday night. It is difficult to express all the many emotions I am feeling right now.

I am very happy for Rachel, but the future makes me nervous. The economy is tough – kids graduating this year face a daunting job search. The world is a challenging place even when one plays by the rules; that does not account for all the traps and temptations that exist. Leaving the relative safety of high school is scary!

I suppose parents never stop worrying about their children. It is just a part of loving someone more than you ever could have imagined.

Melissa and I recently saw a billboard that reminded us of something: “Commencement” does not translate to an end, but to a beginning. Rachel now commences life as an adult. And my worrying has only just begun!

Congratulations, Rachel! I love you, and I am proud of you!

*Jordan, too!
Since I am mentioning my kids, congratulations to my sophomore daughter Jordan, who is a member of the City High girl’s track team that just finished third in the state in Class 4A. I was particularly proud of the fact that she did her best when it counted the most. I am very proud of her athletic endeavors, but most proud of the fact that Jordan is a great girl!

*Last but not Least, BJ
My 13-year-old son BJ is trying to get a summer business off the ground. He will do yard work, pet care, babysitting, odd jobs… pretty much anything. BJ is a very conscientious and responsible young man, who is willing to provide work references.

If you have a nagging project you need done, please call BJ at 354-7199.

*Memorial Day
Happy Memorial Day! Please take some time over the holiday weekend to remember the service men and women who have sacrificed for our country.

*Solon Fire Department Breakfast
Volunteer Fire Departments operate on shoestring budgets – much of those budgets come from fundraising.

You can do your part by joining the Solon Volunteer Fire Department at their annual breakfast on Sunday, May 30.

*Dan’s Overhead Doors
A study once showed that people are much more likely to share a negative business experience than a positive one. I have had my share of bad experiences, but I decided to share a good one instead.

We were experiencing some problems with our automatic garage door back in February. It was installed when the house was built, making it almost 50 years old.

Having never had to buy a garage door before, I went to the yellow pages. I knew I wanted to begin with a local company. Dan’s fit the bill, so I called.

The service was fantastic from the start. A very polite young lady scheduled a service guy to visit us on a Saturday morning, only two days after I called. The service guy (Lee, I believe) showed up right on time. He diagnosed a serious problem, and took the time to show me exactly what was wrong. He recommended that I get a new door (and frame; the whole works) right away… it was a safety issue. Lee also said he understood that this was a big deal, and we should feel free to call another company for a second opinion if we liked.

We asked about scheduling a time to meet with a salesperson – as it turned out, Lee had all the sales materials with him. He spent a long time talking to us about our needs and wants, and helped us to order something that fit our needs and our price range. (I had been checking prices online, and Dan’s was very competitive.)

On the spot, Lee scheduled our installation at a time convenient for us. He was a very nice man - great with my dog, and great with my two-year-old foster daughter!

The door came in quickly, and the guys who installed it did it quickly. They took away all the old materials, and left the garage cleaner than they found it. They left the bill plus good instructions.

It has been a couple months now, and our attractive new door seems to be working just fine. I am very pleased with my experience with Dan’s Overhead Doors, and I would highly recommend them to anyone who needs that service.

*DID YOU KNOW? Approximately 1,500 Johnson County high school seniors are graduating this spring.

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