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September 19, 2018

Sullivan’s Salvos     9/25/18

In this edition:

*Goodbye, Dick and Katherine!
*Supporting Pat Heiden
*Iowa City Book Festival
*Rights of Businesses
*Green Room Event
*Did You Know?

*Goodbye, Dick and Katherine!
After 34 years in the Iowa City area, Dick Schwab and Katherine Burford are moving to Webster, Wisconsin - a very special place to Katherine and her family.

As you know, Dick Schwab has been a bit of a lightning rod for a decade or so. And frankly, I think most of it has been a bunch of crap. A small lynch mob with personal vendettas has done its best to damage the man’s reputation. Is Dick perfect? Of course not. Has he made a couple of mistakes in terms of County rules and regs? Yes, a few, in fact. We have certainly spent a few extra hours on Dick’s various projects. But that is OK!

Schwab is a businessperson, and he engages in a variety of creative businesses. Sometimes, his endeavors require a bit of extra work on both his and the County’s part. Yes, we have had a few headaches. But I would argue that everything Dick Schwab has done has ultimately improved the quality of life for most people in Johnson County. He has not taken from the people of Johnson County; instead, he has given them some great properties.

More importantly, look at the legacy he leaves behind. Here are just a few of the organizations Dick has been engaged with over the years:

·     Founder of the Community Foundation of Johnson County.
·     Founder of the Solon Dollars for Scholars.
·     Founder of the Solon Education Association.
·     Seventeen years on the Solon School Board.
·     Built the Solon Nature Area round barn.
·     Founder of the Eastern Iowa Angel Investors.
·     Co-chair of the successful 2008 Conservation Bond.
·     Board Member of Bur Oak Land Trust.
·     Board Member of United Way of Johnson County. 
·     Board Member and Life Member of Goodwill of the Heartland.
·     Board Member of Chamber of Commerce and ICAD.
·     Board Member of Midwest One Bank.
·     Board Member of the Entrepreneurial Development Center.
·     Volunteer for Iowa City Hospice and Big Brothers Big Sisters.
·     2012 Democratic Party Candidate for House District 73.

         Just take a moment and reread that list. Dick’s commitment of time, talent, and money is truly second to none!

This doesn’t even include the incredible donation Dick and Katherine made on their way out – donating over $1 million dollars worth of land to Johnson County Conservation!

The people of Johnson County were lucky to have Dick Schwab and Katherine Burford as a part of our community. Their wonderful legacy will last a long, long time. I want to personally thank them for all their good works. I wish them well in their future endeavors!

*Supporting Pat Heiden
         Pat Heiden and I ran for Supervisor in the same 2016 cycle. Prior to that, we had only met once – we both manned a concession stand at City High one night in 2006 or 2007. We had been to some of the same community events, but we just didn’t know each other. We were not friends, and we certainly were not enemies – again, we simply did not know each other.

         That was two and a half years ago. Since then, I HAVE gotten to know Pat. And I STRONGLY support her candidacy for Johnson County Supervisor!

         Pat is kind and thoughtful. She is smart, and willing to work hard. I have really grown to like her! I also really appreciate the fact that she has a great deal of experience managing people. I am very much looking forward to working with her!

         So, just in case you ever felt my support was in question – it is not! And I apologize to anyone for whom that was not clear. I want to encourage all of you to join me in voting Pat Heiden for Supervisor this fall!

*Iowa City Book Festival
The Iowa City UNESCO City of Literature organizationis proud to offer you several days of literary programming as part of the 2018 Iowa City Book Festival, October 1-7 at locations throughout Johnson County. 

Iowa City is a City of Literature for many reasons: The wonderful writing programs at the University of Iowa, our small presses and magazines, our wonderful libraries, our bookstores, and amenities like the Iowa Avenue Literary Walk. While you are here, we encourage you to explore all of this and more, to fully immerse yourself in our rich literary culture.

The Iowa City Book Festival is organized by the Iowa City UNESCO City of Literature, a nonprofit 501(c)3 that manages the Iowa City area’s designation as a UNESCO City of Literature. The City of Literature works to advance its mission of celebrating and supporting literature on a local, regional, national, and international level, connecting readers and writers through the power of story.

         I served on the Board of the City of Literature at its’ inception, and for the first 3-4 years. I am very proud of the organization and this event! For the full schedule, see:

*Rights of Businesses
         The Republican Party has been virulently anti-regulation since the 1980s. We should not regulate industries that pollute our air and water. We should not regulate food and drugs. We should not regulate big banks or credit card companies. We should not regulate the nursing homes that care for our seniors. We should not regulate home schools. We should not regulate the internet carriers (Net Neutrality). We should not regulate land use through zoning. If you think it ought to be regulated, the GOP disagrees.

That is, unless you are Nike, Twitter, Facebook, and a few others. When companies criticize President Trump, we start to talk regulation. The hypocrisy knows no end.

Newsflash: we need regulations in every industry. We need to protect every American. Except perhaps the President and members of Congress who vote against such protections for others!

*Green Room Event
Monday, October 1st @ Englert Theatre
Kathy Eldon, author, filmmaker, and founder of Creative Visions.

Featured nonprofit: United Action for Youth (UAY)

Facebook event link to share:<

*DID YOU KNOW? Dick Schwab started the Community Foundation of Johnson County. Since its founding in 2000, CFJC has raised more than $20 million in endowed and charitable-giving assets, and nearly $6 million in bequests. Since its founding, CFJC has distributed more than $10.4 million in grants, serving more than 180 nonprofit organizations, individuals, and donor-advised funds.

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