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October 4, 2010

Sullivan’s Salvos 8/24/10

In this edition:

*United Way
*University Heights
*Landlocked Film Festival
*Cosgrove Pork Day
*Courage Ride
*Computer Sale
*Did You Know?

*United Way
The United Way of Johnson County kicks off its annual campaign on September 2 with an event at the Marriott.

Every year I write about the importance of the United Way. Tens of thousands of people in Johnson County rely on the services of United Way agencies. Your support is vital.

Our family tries to give 10% of our income to worthy causes. After doing lots of research to decide the best way to make an impact, we decided the United Way made the most sense. So much of our giving goes to the United Way. And we are very satisfied customers!

But I cannot say it nearly as well as they can. Please visit the website at And please give generously.

*University Heights
The city of University Heights is celebrating its Diamond Jubilee (75th Anniversary) on Sunday, August 29.

University Heights is an interesting place. Totally surrounded by Iowa City, U. Heights came into existence 75 years ago in response to huge arguments over the electric franchise in Iowa City.

University Heights is home to a little over 1,000 residents, and the city maintains its own police force. There are schools, churches, and a wide range of interesting people. Fire, library, water, transit, post office, and other services are provided through other cities.

Over the years, University Heights has suffered from a bit of an identity crisis. Many folks drive through without realizing they were ever in town. (That is fine with many of the residents, by the way!) If folks knew anything about U. Heights, it is the strict enforcement of the speed limit on Melrose Avenue.

Recently, University Heights has been struggling with a proposed change. Saint Andrew Presbyterian Church is proposing to move west to Camp Cardinal Boulevard. The church reached an agreement with developer Jeff Maxwell to purchase the land, contingent upon him getting approval for a new development on the site.

Maxwell has proposed a large residential/commercial building for the site. Several residents feel the structure is too large and will exacerbate traffic problems. Others feel the additional density and commercial space are vital to the city’s future.

Regardless of which side they are on, this proposal has led to an unprecedented interest in University Heights politics. 12 people ran for 6 spots in the last city council election, and another special election awaits this fall.

But enough politics - back to the celebration! There are several events scheduled for the 29th, including a parade and Chautauqua. It all sounds really cool! For more information, see:

Meanwhile, Happy 75th, University Heights!

*Landlocked Film Festival
The 2010 Summer of the Arts is almost over, but we still have one major event left!

The Landlocked Film Festival runs Thursday, August 26 through Sunday, August 29. This is the 4th year for the festival, which brings scores of films from all over the world to Iowa City. Films of all lengths and genres play at several locations throughout downtown Iowa City. Most screenings are free, though a select few will cost $5.

This is quickly becoming one of my favorite events! I have been amazed by the quality of films I have seen. In addition, there are workshops for amateur filmmakers, talks with directors, judging of the entries, and much more. For the whole schedule, visit:

*Cosgrove Pork Day
St. Peter’s Catholic Church in Cosgrove will be hosting their annual Pork Day celebration on Sunday, August 29.

Join them for a great pork dinner, beer tent, entertainment, raffles, and much more.

*Courage Ride
The 2010 Courage Ride is Saturday, August 28 at Iowa Mennonite School in rural Johnson County. Melissa, BJ, and I will all be riding the short route as a part of “Team J”, led by BJ’s buddy Joe Britton.

The Courage Ride is a series of bike rides (19, 27, 53, 70, and 98 miles) through beautiful rural countryside that raise money for cancer research at the University of Iowa. The ride is held each year in honor of Seth Bailey, a former IMS student who lost his life to cancer.

The ride also features food, entertainment, prizes, and more. For more info, see:

Melissa is acutely aware of the need to raise money in this area, as she does cancer research at the UI Holden Center. Please sponsor us if you are able!

*Computer Sale
Johnson County will be holding a sale of used computer equipment on Saturday, August 28 in rooms 203B and 203C of the Heath and Human Services Building.

The sale begins at 10 AM and ends at noon, so get there early to find the equipment you need! For a list of the items for sale, see:

*DID YOU KNOW? In 2009, the average American worker with at least a high school degree earned $626 per week before taxes. By comparison, the average Fortune 500 CEO took home over $138,000 per week. (Source:

Anyone interested in learning more about County government should take a look at the County website-

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