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December 17, 2010

Sullivan’s Salvos 12/21/10

In this edition:

*Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays!
*Employee Recognition
*United Way Committee
*Holiday Wish List
*Next Week = Salvos Salutes!
*Insight Bowl
*Did You Know?

*Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays!
Merry Christmas to those who celebrate it, and Happy Holidays to the rest!

I hope your holiday is safe and happy, and that all your wishes come true!

*Employee Recognition
Every year, Johnson County recognizes employees for their years of service. Starting with 5 years and in every 5-year increment, employees get a certificate, handshake, and a free meal. So while the County does not spend a lot on recognition, we still try to let folks know we appreciate their service.

I thought that this year I would single out two gentlemen for their years of service.

Gary Pidgeon (Conservation) and Dewey Stewart (Secondary Roads) each have worked for Johnson County for over 40 years! Congratulations and thanks!

*United Way Committee
The United Way of Johnson County recently collaborated with Johnson County and other local organizations to complete an in-depth community needs assessment.

The results are quite interesting – I urge every resident of Johnson County to check it out at:

In response to the results of the needs assessment, the United Way has created three committees: health, education, and income. I am serving on the income committee, and I am absolutely thrilled to be doing so! The needs of the low-income folks of Johnson County have always been a priority for me, so I am excited to have this opportunity.

I will report back on the results of our work in a future edition of Salvos.

*Holiday Wish List
The Holidays are a time when people young and old create their wish lists. Below is my personal wish list for 2011, in the format of a David Letterman-style Top Ten List:

10.) Local media will improve local coverage. There is a LOT going on in Johnson County, and we need the local media to provide serious, thoughtful, in-depth coverage. A well-informed citizenry is necessary to a functioning democracy.

9.) Silly divisions based upon school, city, etc. will fall by the wayside. We do not need more divisions. I live in Iowa City, but I want good things for Tiffin. My kids are City High through and through, but I do not wish West High ill. Our similarities outweigh our differences. I hope we can come to see each other as one community.

8.) Natural disasters will pass us by. I often wonder what we could have accomplished between 2006 and today without a tornado, two floods, and three terrible winters. We deserve a break!

7.) Local businesses have a great year. We have many locally owned businesses that have earned our support. I hope they have the kind of year they deserve.

6.) Volunteerism continues strong. Johnson County has amazing volunteers; the statistics prove it! I hope this continues, and I hope people under 60 prepare to take on some of the load currently being shouldered by people over 60.

5.) People treat each other with more kindness, compassion, and respect. Small acts can make a BIG difference!

4.) People will focus on the facts. We have plenty of areas in which we can and do disagree without making things up. We are all entitled to our own opinions; we are not entitled to our own facts.

3.) Johnson County will continue to lead the rest of the State in terms of being open and accepting toward our LGBT brothers and sisters. Love thy neighbor!

2.) Locals will stand up against racism. It is not enough to be unprejudiced ourselves. We must actively stand up and speak out when we see and hear racism. I hope the local papers will see fit to lead the way.

1.) People will take seriously the teachings of Jesus re: the poor. Most people in Johnson County consider themselves Christian. Yet our actions demonstrate that we hate the poor. I hope we can change this.

That is my wish list. What wishes do you have for 2011?

*Next Week = Salvos Salutes!
Tune in next week to find out what locals have been honored with the 2010 Salvos Salutes! Who knows… your name may be on the list!

*Insight Bowl
This has been a rough year for the Hawkeye football team, particularly the past two months. I hope the Hawks get 2011 started right with a big win in Tuesday night’s bowl game.

Now is the time that the Hawks need their true fans to step up! Go Hawks!

*DID YOU KNOW? John Roberts, Chief Justice of the US Supreme Court, earns $218,000 annually. Judge Judy earns $25 million!

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