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April 16, 2011

Sullivan’s Salvos 4/19/11

In this edition:

*Senators Bought and Sold
*Obama Reelection Campaign
*Clothesline Project
*Johnson County Women in Agriculture
*Ag Extension Building
*NL Food Pantry
*Kent Park
*Happy Passover
*Did You Know?

*Senators Bought and Sold
SF252 was a piece of legislation designed to give much-needed additional protections to residents of mobile home parks.

Unfortunately, Senators Wally Horn of Cedar Rapids, Swati Dandekar of Marion, and Dennis Black of Grinnell scuttled this important piece of legislation. (Senator Dandekar was mysteriously absent for the vote. Senators Horn and Black voted no.)

When asked, Senator Horn said it was “not an issue for people in my District.” First, Horn is incorrect. There are hundreds of residents of mobile homes in Horn’s District. They deserve the same protections as other citizens. Secondly, consider Senator Horn’s logic. Many Senators had no flooding in their Districts; should these Senators spite Eastern Iowa because flooding was “not an issue for people in their District”?

Perhaps we should follow the money. Senator Dandekar received $250 from the Iowa Manufactured Home Association in 2008, and $500 in 2009. Senator Horn received $500 in 2010. Senator Black received $250 in 2006, $500 in 2008, and $250 in 2010. There may be more donations of this sort; this list was the result of quick research.

The issue is black and white – support poor and middle class Iowans, or support a few millionaire donors. The question is really quite simple: Whose side is your Senator on? The answer, unfortunately for many Eastern Iowans, is the wrong side.

Thanks to the many courageous members of the Iowa Senate who stood up for mobile home residents. Shame on those who did not.

*Obama Reelection Campaign
To the surprise of no one, President Obama has announced his reelection campaign. The new battle cry is “I’m in”.

As many of you know, I was an early Obama supporter in 2007. I worked extremely hard, and frankly, I think I made a difference.

So am I in? Not yet. Not until the power-brokers are shown the door, and I am assured that the middle class and poor are truly represented.

Some like to claim Obama is a Muslim (as if that were a bad thing). His campaign responds that he is a Christian. Frankly, I’d say he is not living up to either religion, both of which speak at great length about caring for the sick and poor.

We need to end all three wars. We need to reclaim the moral high ground as it relates to Gitmo, torture, rendition, etc. We need to REALLY regulate Wall Street. We need to REALLY regulate oil drilling. We need a real commitment to LGBT equality. We need a real commitment to Social Security.

Hey, I know that these things are not easy to accomplish. And I know some very good things HAVE been accomplished. I like President Obama, and I respect President Obama. But my vote is precious. I do not just give it away. It must be earned.

Do I owe Obama? Hell no! He doesn’t owe me anything, either. But he does owe something to the poor and middle class. To those who much is given, much is expected. If Obama cannot represent the people, he should step aside.

Yes, the President gave an excellent speech last Wednesday. He spoke eloquently about the need to repeal the Bush tax cuts, the need to support governmental regulation, and the importance of Medicaid, Medicare, and Social Security. And you know what? I’ve heard it ALL before. It is time to show me real results.

So am I in? Not yet. Not until the money-changers leave the temple, and I am assured that the middle class and poor are truly represented. Then we can talk.

*Clothesline Project
The internationally renowned Clothesline Project will be in Iowa City on April 26 from 10 am-3 pm. View a display of t-shirts created by sexual assault and domestic violence survivors on the UI Pentacrest lawn.

This event, part of Sexual Assault Awareness Month, is co-sponsored by the Epidemiology Student Association, the American Medical Women’s Association and RVAP.

*Johnson County Women in Agriculture
Women have always played an integral role on the farm, although it was often behind the scenes. Join the Johnson County Historical Society for a panel discussion on the life of a woman on the farm through the eyes of women who lived it.

The discussion is April 28 at 7 PM at the Johnson County Historical Society. Joining the panel will be several Johnson County women who lived and worked on the farm in the 20th century.

Admission is free, and no reservations are necessary. To top it all off in true farm fashion, pie will be served! Call 351-5738 for more info.

*Ag Extension Building
The Johnson County Extension Office will soon be moving into their new building at the Johnson County Fairgrounds. Meanwhile, they are looking to rent their former offices (also at the Fairgrounds).

The building is 4500 square feet, with lots of parking. Extension would prefer a nonprofit tenant, but is open to offers. If you are interested in learning more, contact Extension at 337-5865.

*NL Food Pantry
The North Liberty Food Pantry is undertaking an aggressive fundraising campaign to build a new facility. They hope to raise $250,000 to build a 2400 square foot space that will better serve their clientele. (The current location doesn’t even have a restroom!)

If you are not aware of the NL Food Pantry’s work, you may be surprised. In 2010, the Pantry averaged between 400 and 500 visits per month. Over 136,000 pounds of food were distributed, along with 7000 pieces of clothing. More than 100 volunteers provided 4000 hours of service in 2010.

As the statistics demonstrate, North Liberty is not a small town. There are great needs in the community, along with great volunteerism. If you would like to help financially or otherwise, they would love to hear from you!

For more info, call Tina at 626-2711, or visit

*Kent Park
The F.W. Kent Park Campground opens for the season on Friday, April 29. Daily fees for electric sites are $15.00; non-electric sites are $10.00. Kent Park is located 12 miles west of Iowa City on Highway 6.

*Happy Passover
Happy Passover to my Semitic friends!

*DID YOU KNOW? Lost in the huge census gains of some other Johnson County cities was the solid growth of Oxford. Oxford grew 102 people (14.5%) from 703 to 805.

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