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July 24, 2011

Sullivan’s Salvos 7/26/11

In this edition:

*Fair week!
*Iowa = Good for Business!
*LEED Gold!
*Faith Without Works
*Obama Birthday Party
*Did You Know?

*Fair Week!
It is time for the Johnson County Fair! Free parking and free admission- and great fun for all ages! See you there!

*Iowa = Good for Business!
A recent CNBC study of the business climate in all 50 states ranks Iowa #9 overall. (The whole list can be viewed at

Iowa LED the nation in “cost of doing business”, a category that combines utility costs, wage costs, real estate costs, and yes… taxes! In other words, the overall cost of doing business in Iowa is lower than any other state.

So, as politicians from both parties fall all over themselves trying to cut taxes for big out of state corporations, remember this poll. Life ain’t so tough for a big business setting up shop in Iowa.

I hope the Iowa House and Senate look at this info, and decide to stick with the Main Street-friendly commercial property tax credit championed by Senator Bolkcom.

*LEED Gold!
The Johnson County Conservation Board (JCCB) has been awarded LEED® Gold Level Certification established by the U.S. Green Building Council (USGBC) for the new Conservation Headquarters and Conservation Maintenance Facility Buildings at F.W. Kent Park.

The Leadership in Energy and Environmental design (LEED) Rating System was designed by the US Green Building Council to encourage and facilitate the development of more sustainable buildings. LEED is the nation’s preeminent program for the design, construction and operation of high performance green buildings.

Gold is the second-highest rating awarded (behind Platinum), and is extremely rare in Iowa. The Johnson County Health and Human Services building received a Silver rating a couple of years ago.

The Conservation Headquarters and Conservation Maintenance Facility Buildings both achieved GOLD LEED certification for energy use, lighting, water and material use as well as incorporating a variety of other sustainable strategies. By using less energy and water, these LEED Certified Buildings save money for taxpayers; reduce greenhouse gas emissions; and contribute to a healthier environment for workers and the larger community.

Congratulations to the JCCB!

*Faith Without Works
A couple of Sundays ago, our Pastor read from James 2:17 - “Faith without works is dead.”

What does this mean? It basically warns Christians of the hypocrisy of talking a good game, then failing to act in a Christian manner.

The surrounding passages describe feeding the hungry, clothing the naked, housing the homeless, and tending to those who are ill.

So – how will Christians accomplish these works? By tax breaks for billionaires? By tax loopholes for multinational corporations? By cutting Medicare, Medicaid, and Social Security? By cutting preschool? By reducing the estate tax?

Look, I do not believe the US government is required to follow Christian doctrine. I think it is clear that the founding fathers intended for a separation of church and state. Our government should not favor any one religion. But if you are going to make the case that we are a Christian nation, at least back it up with deeds!

Jesus speaks about helping the hungry, the homeless, and those who are ill. This dominates the things we hear from him. It is the most common subject he talks about. He also states many times – very clearly – that too much wealth is a sin.

Christians – faith without works is dead. Knowing that, how do you feel about where our country is headed?

*Obama Birthday Party
The Johnson County Democratic Party is holding an event in honor of President Barack Obama’s 50th Birthday.

The event is Sunday, August 7 from 4-7 pm in Lower City Park. A picnic dinner (burgers, brats, and veggie burgers, plus sides) will be available for $5 per person, $10 per family. That includes birthday cake!

Both sponsors and volunteers are needed. For more info, contact Liz Etchels at or 319-541-9672.

*DID YOU KNOW? The national home ownership rate is 65%. Iowa and Delaware rank #1 in home ownership at 72.1%; New York is last at 50%. (Source: US Census.)

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