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May 9, 2014

Sullivan’s Salvos     5/13/14

In this edition:

*RIP Arlene Neuzil
*Johnson County Democratic Party Hall of Fame
*Cannabis Oil
*Congrats Mike Hensch!
*Housing Trust Fund
*Project Green Garden Fair
*Bike To Work Week
*Did You Know?

*RIP Arlene Neuzil
         Arlene Neuzil, Democratic Party Hall of Famer and mother of Supervisor Terrence Neuzil, passed away on Wednesday, May 7. Mrs. Neuzil was a nice lady and the Board of Supervisors’ biggest fan – she watched every meeting! My thoughts and prayers go out to the whole Neuzil family.

*Johnson County Democratic Party Hall of Fame
The Johnson County Democratic Party is holding its Annual Hall of Fame Awards on Saturday, May 17 at 7pm at the Coralville Marriott.

Please join us for coffee, desserts, and plenty of old war stories! A cash bar will be available. Parking is available for a small fee on either end of the building.

The Hall of Fame inductees for 2014 are: Patrick Hughes, Joe Johnston, Carol Thompson, Dennis Ryan, David Osterberg, and Pat Cancilla. We hope you can join us in recognizing this remarkable group!

Tickets are available for a $25 suggested donation. People who cannot afford that amount should still feel welcome to attend.

If you have any questions, please contact Rod Sullivan at 354-7199 or

We hope you will join us for a fun evening, and lend your voice to those who are honoring these very deserving people. We look forward to seeing you!

         I hate hypocrisy. I try to avoid being a hypocrite. I try to teach my children to avoid hypocrisy. I rail against it when I see it. I often write about hypocrisy in these weekly missives.

         But you know what? I am a hypocrite. And so are you. Try as we might, we are ALL guilty of some level of hypocrisy.

         I was recently thinking about all the areas in which I am hypocritical, and I think I have identified the area in which I am worst. That would be eating fast food.

         I am an environmentalist. I know that the monoculture of corn and soybeans, too often grown with supplemental nitrogen and foregoing best practices, is ruining our soil and water. I know that this grain is then fed to animals that are too often confined, mistreated, and over medicated. Trees get cut down so the animals can graze. Too much fresh water is diverted to their needs. Those animals then end up as fast food. The cycle is taking a toll on the planet. In addition, fast food plays into the car culture that makes us all less healthy.

         I am a labor guy. I know that fast food workers are underpaid. They lack health care insurance, sick leave, family leave, vacation time, holidays, full time hours, pensions, and more. Their workplaces are often unsafe and unclean. They cannot unionize. Meanwhile, fast food franchisees make millions.

         Given this, I should never eat fast food. But I do. Because in this area of my life, I am a hypocrite. (Imagine ME having a food problem! Who woulda thunk it?)

         I am going to try to cut down on the fast food. I know I will not cut it out 100%. But I am going to cut down. We’ll see how I do.

         I’d like to think that the hypocrisy in my personal life does not seep in to my voting record. We all know people in politics who behave hypocritically. Unfortunately, it is all too common.

Meanwhile, how about you? Where are you most hypocritical? I’d like to hear your thoughts!

*Cannabis Oil
         You may have heard that a few forceful Moms managed to get the Iowa Legislature to approve the very limited use of cannabis oil to address epilepsy.

         Wow! Who are these moms? Can we get them to lobby on issues of economic and environmental justice?

         In all sincerity, good for them. But what if…

*Congrats Mike Hensch!
I am very pleased to announce that Johnson County’s Medical Examiner Administrator Michael Hensch has achieved recertification as a Board Certified Medicolegal Death Investigator (MDI). The American Board of Medicolegal Death Investigators is the organization that enforces rigorous requirements and examinations for Board Certification.

This is a substantial professional achievement in that this is the highest level of professional recognition for Medicolegal Death Investigators. There are only four Board Certified MDIs in Iowa and 175 nationwide. Mike is a member of a select group, and Johnson County is lucky to have him. Congratulations, Mike!

*Housing Trust Fund
         The Housing Trust Fund of Johnson County is celebrating its tenth anniversary on Thursday, May 15 at the Lodge at Terry Trueblood Park from 4-6 pm with a short program at 5.

         I have served on the HTFJC Board for three or four years, and I love the organization! You have heard me say it before, and you will hear me say it again: affordable housing is the number one concern facing Johnson County. I urge you to learn more about the work of the HTFJC to address this concern.

*Project Green Garden Fair
The 2014 GREEN Garden Fair will be held May 10, from 9 - 11:30 a.m. at Carver-Hawkeye Arena.

The 2013 Fair 
The 2013 fair raised over $30,000, which will be used for the beautification and landscaping of public spaces in our community. The plants sold at the Garden Fair are all proven 
performers for our climate. They have all been nurtured and donated by local folks. Local experts will be available to answer your garden questions. Experts from Master Gardeners, Iowa City recycling and composting, Department of Natural Resources, and other wildlife experts, biologists, and foresters will be on hand.

Refreshments will be available for purchase - coffee, muffins, sweet rolls, sweet breads and the like; plus tables and chairs where you can take a break from your shopping! Also, plant-sitting stations will be available where you can stow your boxes of plant treasures while you talk to the experts, enjoy refreshments, or shop for more.

*Bike To Work Week
         May 12-16 is Bike To Work Week in Johnson County, and there is an amazing list of events taking place! For a complete list, see:

         Meanwhile, please allow me to call your attention to one event in particular: First, a Bike Commuter Breakfast, Tuesday, May 13 from 7-9 a.m., sponsored by Johnson County. Located at Johnson County Administration Building, 913 South Dubuque Street, Iowa City (rain location at parking ramp north of Health and Human Service Building, 855 S. Dubuque St.). Hope to see you there!

*DID YOU KNOW?  Supervisor Rettig was the first openly gay individual to win election to the office of County Supervisor.

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