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August 7, 2015

Sullivan’s Salvos     8/11/15

In this edition:

*Happy Birthday Melissa!
*Happy Birthday BJ!
*Minimum Wage Forum
*Lone Tree Fall Festival
*Cosgrove Pork Day
*Shuffling at Juvenile Court
*Handicapping the GOP Field
*Did You Know?

*Happy Birthday, Melissa!
         My wife Melissa celebrates her birthday on August 17th. Those of you who know her know that I am a very lucky man!

         Happy Birthday, Honey! I love you!

*Happy Birthday BJ!
         Son BJ turns 19 on August 22. He is off to Des Moines, starting college at DMACC. Happy Birthday, BJ! I love you!

*Minimum Wage Forum
         Johnson County is hosting a forum on the proposal to increase the minimum wage. The forum will begin at 6PM on Wednesday, August 12 in Room 203B&C of the Health and Human Services Building. Please come by and tell us what you think!

*Lone Tree Fall Festival
         The Lone Tree Fall Festival is August 21 and 22 in Lone Tree. The event is a different week this year, but you can expect the same good times!

*Cosgrove Pork Day
         I urge you to check out St. Peter’s Pork Day in Cosgrove on Sunday, August 23.

         Cosgrove is a small, unincorporated village about 8 miles west of Iowa City, and 7 miles south of Oxford. It is home to St. Peter’s Catholic Church, the Cosgrove Institute, and lots of cool people! I urge you to join them for fellowship, food, beer, and fun!

*Shuffling at Juvenile Court
         Chris Wyatt has served long and well as the Supervisor of the Johnson County Office of the Sixth Judicial District Juvenile Court Services. Now Chris will be taking over the top spot for the whole Sixth Judicial, and Erin Altheide will be stepping in as Chris’ replacement.

         Juvenile Court is tough work. These are two outstanding individuals, and we are blessed to have them living and working in our community.

         Congratulations Chris and Erin!

*Handicapping the GOP Field
         My Republican friends get angry when I delve into their internal politics, but here I go! Whether you are a Republican, Democrat, or something else altogether, you must admit that the 2016 GOP race is unlike any other.

         As I looked at this field, I found that pretty much every candidate except Ron Paul fell squarely into one of five categories. So I gave Paul his own, and came up with the following groups:

         Race to be the biggest a-hole: These candidates remind me of the kid who tried too hard in school. Jumping up and down with his hand in the air, he may have the right answer, but he pisses off everyone else. In a GOP primary, this can take the shape of a race to see who can say the most outrageous things. And if you are participating in that race, you are not going to sit at the adult table when the smoke clears. Candidates who fit this profile: Cruz, Jindal, Carson, Trump

         Running to remind folks they exist: Let’s face it, people in politics have larger-than-average egos, or they would never run for office. Sometimes, those egos have gone unstroked for too long. Solution? Run for President, of course!
Candidates who fit this profile: Pataki, Gilmore, Fiorina

         If only God voted: While there is clearly a strong evangelical faction in the Iowa GOP, that alone does not win elections – ask Governor VanderPlaats. The business of America is taking care of big business. Talk too much about God, and some “love thy neighbor” might creep into the mix!
Candidates who fit this profile: Huckabee, Santorum

         Libertarian, not Republican: Rand Paul has never fit neatly into any GOP group, and he doesn’t fit in neatly here. Why? Because at his core, Paul is a Libertarian. That is OK by me – it’s just not OK with the majority of GOP caucus goers.
Candidates who fit this profile: Paul

         Should be contenders, but aren’t: I think this is the most interesting category of all. Certain candidates look good on paper, but simply never get any traction. The interesting part is - why? In the case of Christie, I think scandals took a toll (pun intended). And policy-wise, he is Bush without the money connections. Kasich seems to simply not “want it” as much as other candidates, and that shows. Graham? I think everyone (except perhaps Graham) knows Graham is gay. But since he is still in the closet, they need to find another reason to dismiss him.
Candidates who fit this profile: Christie, Kasich, Graham

         Serious Contenders: I can see a path for each of the remaining four candidates. Bush is a no-brainer – he has the name and the money. While this may help in terms of securing the nomination, I think it is a liability for the GOP in a general election. Walker has the resume. Do not overlook Perry, whose resume is very similar to Walker’s. A Walker scandal or slip up (both could happen) might set things up nicely for Perry. Perry himself is going to need to overcome the notion that he is not intellectually up to the task. Then there is Rubio, who probably offers more positives (Hispanic, young, handsome, no long voting record) and fewer negatives than any other GOP candidate.
Candidates who fit this profile: Bush, Walker, Perry, Rubio

         Ultimately, I think you end up with three final candidates on the GOP side: Trump, Bush, and “not Bush”. Once the field is down to those three candidates, Trump’s support will fall away, and the GOP will need to decide if they want Jeb or not. That is my take on things. What do you think?

*DID YOU KNOW?  There are actually 36 declared Republican Presidential candidates, not the 17 you hear mentioned. (There are 17 on the Democratic side.)

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