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May 6, 2016

Sullivan’s Salvos     5/10/16

In this edition:

*Congratulations, Jordan!
*Farmer’s Markets
*UI and the Minimum Wage
*Bike to Work Week
*Did You Know?

*Congratulations, Jordan!
         I am always a proud papa, but that is particularly true this week. My daughter Jordan graduates Saturday from Western Illinois University in Macomb, Illinois with a BA in Psychology.

         Jordan graduated in 4 years with a GPA of right at 3.0 while competing in NCAA Division I track and field and the GLAM Club.

         I have said it before, but it bears repeating – my daughter is one of my heroes. Never in her life did she allow difficult circumstances to stop her from achieving her goals. Unless you know the whole story, you can never appreciate the courage this young woman has. She is truly remarkable. And she is mine!  J

         Congratulations, Honey! I love you and I am proud of you!

*Farmer’s Markets
It is May, and that means it is time for our local Farmer’s Markets! Pork from Lois Pavelka, bread from Cephus Yoder, Marv Hotz’ sweet corn, the Miller’s beets… my mouth is watering!

         People who know me know that I am a farmer’s market fanatic. I can be found at the Iowa City Farmer’s Market pretty much every Wednesday and Saturday. I love the food, I love the farmers, I love the customers … I love everything about it! See you at the market!

*UI and the Minimum Wage
         About 2700 people on the UI payroll earn under $9.15. Apparently they will CONTINUE to earn under $9.15, as the University of Iowa has decided not to follow the increase in the county minimum wage.

         Spokesperson Rod Lehnertz said, "We do not and are not following the Johnson County (minimum wage), but rather our own market needs to fill any position on campus related to the minimum wage.”

         I love it when the guy who earns $200k lectures low-wage workers on “the market.” He should be ashamed. The whole University should be ashamed.

         I know... you have already read this on Facebook 100 times. But it bears repeating. The UI was holding a "Social Justice" discussion on Monday, May 2nd, to be moderated by President Harrold. I went to ask why 2700 UI students are NOT being paid the minimum wage.

After a lengthy intro, I finally got to ask the question. The response came not from the President, but from a committee member who said, "No one here can answer that. We can put something on the website in a couple weeks."

Upon that response, I said, "Let us know when you ARE ready to talk about it," and walked out.

Unacceptable. Absolutely unacceptable. The UI is probably under no legal obligation to raise the wage; I acknowledge that. But they have a moral and ethical obligation to explain how and why the decision was made.

While we are on the topic – certainly not every UI Administrator is overpaid. Most work hard and deserve what they earn. But consider this:
One $200,000 job would cover 100,000 hours of student work at the higher wage. That would buy 5 weeks/year for every student who needs an increase. Two $200,000 jobs would cover 10 weeks/year for every person who needs an increase. That is pretty much a semester. I would gladly take that trade.
Again, my intent is not to vilify the whole UI administration. It is my intent, however, to call out the powerful (some of whom ARE UI administrators) who get rich while the poor suffer.

I am ashamed of my alma mater.

*Bike to Work Week
Whether you’re an old hand at two wheels or are looking to join a community of joyful cyclists, Bike to Work Week offers something for everyone.

Bike to Work Week is supported by the cities of Coralville, Iowa City, and University Heights, Johnson County, and Think Bicycles of Johnson County.

Sunday, May 15
Mayor’s Family Ride with IC Mayor Throgmorton
Meet at Upper City Park in front of the pool
3 pm

Monday, May 16
Breakfast hosted by 30th Century Bike
312 E. Prentiss St.
7-10 am

Bike-Bus-Car Race
Meet 11:15 am at Coralville Public Library
End at Iowa City Public Library

Wheely Fun Bike Basics
Iowa City Public Library, Room A
7-8:30 pm

Tuesday, May 17
Breakfast hosted by Johnson County
Johnson County Administration Building
913 S. Dubuque St.
7-9 am

Legal Cycling presentation by Bikelaw’s Jim Freeman
Iowa City Public Library, Room A
7-8:30 pm

Wednesday, May 18
Breakfast courtesy of University Heights and Geoff’s Bike and Ski
University Heights City Hall, 1004 Melrose Ave.
6:30-8:30 am

Lunch with Local Burrito
The Broken Spoke
757 S. Gilbert St.
Noon-1 pm

Old Pi to New Pi Ride
5:30 pm start Chauncey Swan Park, Washington St., Ride together to Coralville New Pi

Thursday, May 19
Lunch with Griddle Me This!
The Broken Spoke
757 S. Gilbert St.
Noon-1 pm

Rain date: Old Pi to New Pi Ride

Friday, May 20
Breakfast at World of Bikes
723 S. Gilbert St.
7-9 am

End of Week Party at the new Bike Library
701 S. Dubuque St.
5:30-7:30 pm
Portrait with Your Bike, courtesy of photographer Mauro Heck.

Full Moon Ride
Hosted by Kasey Bullerman
Leaves from Bike Library
7:30 pm

May is Bike Month and there’s more fun to be had on two wheels.
Bike and Walk to the Market: get $2 discount coupon to spend at Iowa City’s Farmer’s Market every Saturday in May.
College Street becomes a Bike Boulevard on May 20-21. Come roll with your family and friends and enjoy a car-free life.
Tour de Farm, a tour of the historic Lucas Farms neighborhood, Saturday, May 28, 1-4 pm, ride starts and ends at 1609 DeForest.

*DID YOU KNOW?  52% of the people over age 25 in Johnson County have at least a BA degree. (Source: US Census Bureau.)

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