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October 18, 2018

Sullivan’s Salvos     10/23/18

In this edition:

*Please Volunteer!
*Thoughts on Kavanaugh Nomination
*Hands Jewelers
*Great Book!
*Domestic Violence Month
*Johnson County Wins Statewide Honor
*Did You Know?

*Please Volunteer!
This November’s election is the most important statewide election OF MY LIFETIME. We NEED you to vote on or before November 6th!

         Early voting continues at the Auditor’s Office. Please take advantage of this opportunity! 

And if you want to do more than just vote? That’s great! Contact Conner Dane at (617) 959-1428. He will help you get started volunteering.

*Thoughts on Kavanaugh Nomination
         The nomination process is over, and Brett Kavanaugh is now a Justice on the US Supreme Court. Like everyone else, I have some thoughts on the process.

This was, in essence, a job interview. But people kept referring to legal tenants. For example, had there been proof “beyond a reasonable doubt?” This was not a legal proceeding. It was a job interview. “Beyond a reasonable doubt” need not be your standard.

If you sincerely believe that the issue was that there was no proof “beyond a reasonable doubt”? OK – I will take you at your word.

Now – don’t be a hypocrite. You cannot only defend the privileged white man who wants to be a Supreme Court Justice. “Beyond a reasonable doubt” is not typically the concern of rich white men. But poor black men deal with it every day.

I challenge you to be just as concerned the next time a black man is being charged with a crime and the evidence is NOT “beyond a reasonable doubt”. Will you stand up and demand justice for that black man? Will Justice Kavanaugh?

*Hands Jewelers
         I just need to share a wonderful customer service experience I had with Hands Jewelers in downtown Iowa City. 

I bought Melissa a ring there a LONG time ago! I can’t figure out exactly when, but it was something over 15 years ago, and something less than 20. Melissa loves the ring, and wears it all the time.

Anyway, after these many years, the ring cracked. Not knowing what else to do, I took it back to Hands to throw myself at their mercy. After all, I had long since tossed out any receipt that I had.

Guess what? I didn’t need anything! They were SO kind and accommodating! One staff person there even remembered when they had that ring for sale! For just $25, the ring was fixed like new! And it was done in just a couple of days!

The whole thing was just an awesome customer service experience! I rarely buy jewelry, but Hands made it easy and enjoyable!

*Great Book!
         Jim Walters recently recommended that I read a book – “Winners Take All” by Anand Giridharadas. It is a fact-filled indictment of the “global elite” and their attempts at fixing their messes through charity.

         I often quote St. Augustine – “Charity is no substitute for justice.” This book nails it! From Andrew Carnegie to Bill Clinton and beyond, this book shines important light! I highly recommend it!

*Domestic Violence Month
         October is Domestic Violence Awareness Month, and we are blessed to be served by the Domestic Violence Intervention Program (DVIP). DVIP recently gave us several facts worth sharing:

DVIP served 1746 people this past year, 937 of those in Johnson County. 265 of those served were children. 96% of their clients said they felt safer because of DVIP.

         To donate, volunteer, or just learn more, please visit

*Johnson County Wins Statewide Honor
The Johnson County Board of Supervisors and Grow: Johnson County were awarded the 2018 Iowa State Association of Counties (ISAC) Excellence in Action Award during ISAC’s annual conference. 

Johnson County Historic Poor Farm and Asylum District, listed in the National Register of Historic places since September 2014, is one of the few remaining relatively intact examples of the county farm model established in the 19th century. Grow: Johnson County utilizes 4.5 acres at the Historic Poor Farm to produce a variety of organic fruits and vegetables that are distributed freely to more than a dozen local food assistance organizations. Grow: Johnson County is in the midst of its third growing season and is on track to produce 35,000 pounds of fruits and vegetables this year. 

“We are proud that our use of this important public land aligns with its original purpose—to assist our most vulnerable neighbors,” said John Boller, Project Director of Grow: Johnson County. 

Grow: Johnson County also works with Johnson County Social Services through the Youth Empowered to Serve Program, which provides meaningful summer work experiences to low-income and at-risk youth. In the summer of 2017, Grow: Johnson County provided three program participants with eight-week apprenticeships at the Historic Poor Farm. 

“Grow: Johnson County is a great point of pride for Johnson County,” said Rod Sullivan, Johnson County Board of Supervisors member. “They provide sustainable solutions to hunger-relief issues, and their community involvement and volunteerism is remarkable. We are lucky to have them as a partner at the Historic Poor Farm and in our continued efforts to address hunger in our community.” 

The Excellence in Action Award program is a competitive awards program that seeks to recognize innovative county government employees, programs and projects. Nominations were reviewed and rated based on the following seven attributes: creativity, innovation, cost savings, replication, leadership, increased efficiency, cooperation with others and perseverance. More information about the Excellence in Action program can be found at <> . 

*DID YOU KNOW? Only 114 individuals have served on the US Supreme court. This includes four women (three of whom are currently serving) and three racial minorities (two of whom are currently serving).

Anyone interested in learning more about County government should take a look at the County website- 

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