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January 1, 2008

Happy New Year! I sincerely hope 2008 is the best year ever for each and every one of you!

The Iowa Caucuses are this Thursday, January 3, beginning at 6:30 PM. A complete list of caucus locations can be found at the Auditor’s website:

Here are ten caucus tips, regardless of your party or candidate preference:

1. Caucus locations are not necessarily polling places! Double-check your caucus site!

2. Caucuses begin at 6:30 PM, but the lines will be long at 6:30. Get there earlier, if possible.

3. Do not bring a bunch of extra items you will not need. Your site will be crowded, and it will be easy to lose things.

4. Sign the nomination forms for candidates for local office, and take some time to learn about candidates for other elective offices.

5. If you are a caucus veteran, volunteer to assist the Temporary Chair at your location. She/he may need help with registration and any number of additional tasks. Try to be helpful.

6. Seating will be limited; most folks will need to stand. Try to identify folks who might need a chair, and help them get seated. Otherwise, get the chairs out of there.

7. If it is at all possible, walk to your caucus site. Parking will be a nightmare – guaranteed. If you live too far to walk, carpool. It will make the caucus process work better for everyone.

8. If you have kids between the ages of 10 and 16, bring them along. They can either observe the process or help out by watching younger children. If your child will be 18 by Election Day, she can fully participate in the Caucus.

9. If you can, stick around for the platform discussion. This hashing of ideas really is democracy at its best!

10. Finally, and most importantly, please be polite and understanding. We Iowans are given a tremendous privilege. Waiting in line, being crowded, being too hot or too cold, running late, etc. are the prices we pay to have lots of folks participate in our democracy. I assure you that everyone wants the caucuses to go as smoothly as possible, but problems do occur. Hang in there, and remember how lucky we are!

Abe Lincoln lost several elections. Don Larson's career record was 81-91. Van Gogh sold one painting in his lifetime.

So what made these individuals special? Rising to the occasion when it matters most.

I want to see this same quality in the President of the United States.

I want a President who had the judgment and vision to get it right when it matters.

I want a President who had the courage and foresight to oppose the Iraq War BEFORE it started!

That is why I am going to caucus for Barack Obama.

Education, health care, roads, taxes, Social Security... It does not matter what issues are important to you. The United States is unable to meaningfully address ANY issue so long as we continue spending the $400 million per day at war in Iraq.
This war costs $4,100 per household. It has led to almost 4,000 U.S. soldiers killed and more than 60,000 wounded. It has caused 700,000 Iraqis killed and 4 million refugees. And the totals continue to rise.

When other candidates talk about wanting change... They created this mess! They played politics, and look what it has cost. We need to get it right when it matters. Let's help Barack Obama clean things up! Please caucus for Obama Thursday evening.

I hope you will join me in support of the striking Hollywood writers. OK, the strike is causing me to miss the Daily Show and the Colbert Report. And striking writers sometimes earn quite a bit more than striking laborers. But this is a classic labor-management battle. If you miss your favorite shows, do not blame the working stiffs – it is the fault of the big corporations. Viacom claims their internet properties are worth over a billion dollars. How much of that billion goes to the person who wrote the material? ZERO.

Stewart & Colbert are coming back – hopefully without scab writers. I will forego written TV – even my favorites - in solidarity until the billionaires pay the writers what is rightfully theirs. I hope you’ll join me.

DID YOU KNOW? 37% of Iowa farmers purchase health insurance from the independent market, compared to 8% of the overall population. While most farmers are insured, few groups pay more for insurance than farmers. (Source: SEIU)

Anyone interested in learning more about County government should take a look at the County website -

"Sullivan’s Salvos" is sent once per week to any interested party. It will give a brief update on issues of interest to Johnson County residents.

These messages come solely from Rod Sullivan, and neither represent the viewpoints of the whole Board of Supervisors nor those of groups or individuals otherwise mentioned.

As always, feel free to contact me at 354-7199 or I look forward to serving you!



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