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April 12, 2009

Sullivan’s Salvos 4/14/09

I find it ironic to hear the Republican members of the Iowa House demanding a vote on gay marriage. These are the same guys who claim to stand for individual liberties. I guess what they mean is you have a right to as many guns and cigarettes as you can handle. But individual rights like voting and sexual orientation need to be restricted.

Representative Duane Alons demands that “the people deserve to vote on this!” Why? Do the people deserve to vote on his marriage? I demand to vote on Duane Alons marriage! The very idea is as stupid as it sounds. According to Alons, I have no right to healthcare, but I deserve the right to disapprove other people’s weddings. Huh?

I am particularly offended when people use Christianity to oppose gay marriage. First, no religious groups are required to recognize gay marriage. It is a state issue.

Secondly, I realize that the Old Testament opposes gay marriage in a couple of places. One such prohibition appears in Leviticus, which also prohibits the eating of shellfish. Why is there no similar focus on eating shellfish? The sin of shellfish seems pretty common to me!

Thirdly, when asked about the Ten Commandments, Jesus very clearly said that two rise above all others. First, there is no God but God. Second, do unto others as you would have them do unto you. By my reading, this supports gay marriage. I am not alone in interpreting Christianity this way; several supportive local clergy appeared at the recent gay marriage rally.

But my religious beliefs do not matter here. Rest assured, the rights recently granted to Iowans under our Constitution are now UNDER ASSAULT. Prepare to fight for what is right.

Johnson County is hosting a Grand Opening of the new Health and Human Services building Saturday, April 18 from 1-4 PM. The public is strongly encouraged to join County staff people for tours and refreshments.

The new building, located at 855 South Dubuque Street in Iowa City (across Benton Street from the Administration Building), contains offices of the Department of Human Services, Department of Public Health, Mental Health and Disability Services, Johnson County Social Services, Veteran’s Affairs, General Assistance, and Information Technology.

The 90,000 square foot building opened in mid-January, and includes a two level parking ramp. The building is LEED Silver certified, and will be completely paid off by June of 2010.

Johnson County recently changed a policy to allow individual property owners to have chip seal applied in front of their homes. The individual landowners will be required to pay all the costs, including maintenance, so there is little expense to taxpayers.

This used to be allowed, but the County ran into issues with people refusing to maintain the road surfaces. There were long battles between residents and County staff over what maintenance was needed. Others refused to pay after work was completed. These possibilities remain, but I feel the benefits outweigh the risks.

Dust is probably the single biggest quality of life issue facing rural residents. I ran on a platform of reducing dust, and I want to give rural residents some more options.

Yes, this will be more work for Secondary Roads staff. Yes, this will undoubtedly create hassles for the Board of Supervisors. I think this is worth it to allow folks to improve the quality of life in Johnson County.

Ed Failor and Iowans for Tax Relief are demonstrating their hypocrisy. When Democrats in the Iowa Legislature push a plan that will CUT taxes for 60% of Iowans, keep taxes the same for 14%, and raise them on the RICHEST 26% of Iowans, it is termed a tax increase.

Huh? Ed – 60% of Iowans are getting a tax cut. The 60% who need it most! Of course, Failor only represents the richest 26%.

He is such a hypocrite. His organization should lose any credibility it might have. The name of the organization ought to be “Iowans for Tax Relief for the Rich Only.”

The Hospice Walk for Dignity is this Sunday, April 19 at 12 PM at Willow Creek Park in Iowa City. (The walk itself begins at 1 PM.)

100% of the money raised supports the mission of Iowa City Hospice. For more information or additional materials, please contact Iowa City Hospice at 688-4219, 800-897-3052, ext. 160, or

DID YOU KNOW? Johnson County leads the State of Iowa in tissue donation. (Source: Medical Examiner’s Office.)

Anyone interested in learning more about County government should take a look at the County website- .

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