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August 2, 2009

Sullivan’s Salvos 8/4/09

I am saddened by the horrible shooting/stabbing incident that took place in Iowa City. I do not know any of the three men involved, and I know even less in terms of the specifics surrounding the incident. I simply hope that the investigation reaches the truth, and that justice is served.

We have an abundance of summer squash in our garden right now. Melissa grilled some up with olive oil and Italian dressing, and it was REALLY good!

We can never eat all that we have. We would like to see others enjoy it. If you would like some squash, just give me a call, and we’ll arrange a way for me to get it to you.

Congratulations to the Johnson County Ag Association on yet another great Johnson County Fair! This year featured the best weather I can ever remember, in addition to all the usual good stuff. Nice job, folks!

113 people have served as US Supreme Court Justices. 111 were men. 111 were white. Yet Senate Republicans are worried that a “Wise Latina” might bring her life experiences to the Court?

Why have these same Senators not been concerned about bias before? Is it possible that the exclusive club of white men that is the Supreme Court has been biased toward white men?

I’d like to hear Senator Grassley and others explain why they are concerned about the biases of Sonya Sotomayor but not those of Roberts, Scalia, Alieto, Renquist, etc.

Johnson County recently acquired and implemented new E-mail filtering software. At first blush, this is a WONDERFUL change!

I used to have about 40 E-mails every day that would end up in my junk folder. Of these 40, an average of 38 or 39 would be junk, and 1-2 would be legitimate. Unfortunately, many of these spam E-mails were well disguised, so they had to be opened before being deleted. While I never ended up with any viruses due to this, it was a time sink, probably wasting 15-20 minutes every day.

Now, with the new software? None. Zip. Zero. Nada. I have not had any E-mails in my junk folder.

Perhaps I should just jump for joy, but I am a bit concerned. As I noted, a small percentage of the E-mails that ended up in my junk folder were legit. I am concerned that constituents, particularly those who use Gmail or Hotmail, will not get E-mail messages through to County government.

So, if you E-mail someone in County government and do not receive a response, please call. We need to make sure this new software is as great as it seems!

In keeping with the technology theme, on August 5th we are switching the county web site over to the new format. The web site may be unavailable for a short time as we make the switch.

Since we are using a new system for the site, the page addresses will be different then they are now. Because of this, any bookmarks to current pages on our site will no longer work. Also, if anyone is currently signed up to receive our e-mail notifications, they will need to re-register on the new system after we go live. An e-mail will be sent to everyone who is currently registered with further instructions closer to the time of the switch over.

If you have not seen the new site, have a look!

DID YOU KNOW? Almost half of all US counties faced budget deficits this year.

Anyone interested in learning more about County government should take a look at the County website-

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