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September 5, 2011

Sullivan’s Salvos 8/23/11

In this edition:

*Happy Birthday BJ!
*RIP Linda Severson
*Tax Statements
*Cosgrove Pork Day
*Happy 40th Systems Unlimited!
*Computer Sale
*Did You Know?

*Happy Birthday BJ!
Happy Birthday to my son BJ, who turns 15 on August 22! All parents are proud of their children, but I am particularly proud of BJ, who has grown into a wonderful young man.

He is a very kind, caring, hard working young man. He is also a good driver and a snappy dresser!

I cannot imagine loving another person more. I am a very lucky man! Happy Birthday, BJ! I love you!

*RIP Linda Severson
Johnson County again lost one of those quiet heroes with the recent passing of Linda Severson.

Linda was the Human Services Coordinator for the Metropolitan Planning Organization of Johnson County (formerly JCCOG) for the past decade or so. Prior to that, Linda had a long career with Johnson County DHS and Goodwill Industries. She was also a long time member of the State and local Arc Boards.

I had known Linda since the late ‘80s. She was the consummate professional; you could always count on her to do the right thing and never cut any corners.

As just one example of this – when I was working for the State, I brought in a case plan Linda had done as an example of good work. The State ended up redacting the identifying info, then using that case plan as THE model statewide. That was characteristic of Linda’s good work.

Linda spent her whole life trying to make the world a better place for those with less. We need more people like Linda in this world. Unfortunately, we now have one less. RIP, Linda.

*Tax Statements
Property tax statements arrived in the mail last week. Allow me to use my own statement to point out a few things:

My property is in Iowa City, residential, and valued at $161,420. My total annual property tax bill is $3068. That is up $96 from last year – an overall increase of 3.2%.

The Iowa City portion went up 4%. The ICCSD portion went up 3%. The County portion went up three tenths of one percent. That is an increase of only 0.3%! My actual dollar increase for the County portion was $1.61.

My taxes go 44% to Iowa City, 36% to the ICCSD, 17% to the County, and the final 3% is divided amongst 4 smaller taxing bodies. (The Grant Wood Area Education Association, the Assessor, ISU Ag Extension, and the State of Iowa make up the rest.)

There can be slight differences between like properties – first and foremost, whether or not a property was recently reassessed. Otherwise, properties within the same taxing districts should notice very similar increases.

If you want to discuss your own property tax bill, please do not hesitate to come in! County government is home to many knowledgeable employees who are willing to go through it with you.

*Cosgrove Pork Day
The fine folks of St. Peter’s Catholic Church are holding their annual Pork Day celebration on Sunday, August 28.

The food is great, there is a beverage tent, entertainment, and prizes. Plus, the village of Cosgrove is charming. Check it out!

*Happy 40th Systems Unlimited!
Systems Unlimited will be holding a 40th Anniversary Open House Sunday, August 28th, 2-4 pm at their offices - 2533 Scott Blvd SE, Iowa City.
Forty years ago, a handful of parents of children with disabilities came together because they were unhappy with the lack of options available to their families. This was the beginning of Systems Unlimited.
You can hear from some of these founding parents, as well as others who have been integral to Systems Unlimited becoming what it is today. Refreshments and tours of the service center will be offered.

Computer Sale
Johnson County is selling used county computers, laptops, printers and other computer related equipment on Saturday, 8/27 from 10- noon at 855 South Dubuque Street.

You can check out the available equipment by following the sale link on the county web page . We will be adding additional equipment between now and the sale date so check the list regularly.

If you have a question about a specific piece of equipment, please call Fred Brown 356-6080 and he will try to assist you.

*DID YOU KNOW? The surface of Johnson County is 98.6% land, and 1.4% water. (Source: US Census.)

Anyone interested in learning more about County government should take a look at the County website-

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