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May 1, 2015

Sullivan’s Salvos     5/5/15

In this edition:

*RIP Flash!
*Congrats BJ!
*Bike To Work Week
*Ready For Hillary?
*Some Punditry
*This Is My Brave
*Did You Know?

*RIP Flash!
         You may have read about the passing of Austin “Flash” Schroeder a few days ago. It is truly remarkable what an impact this 15 year old has made upon our community.

         I played softball with Austin’s Dad (Craig) from 3-4 years before Austin was born until Austin was about 6 or 7. As a matter of fact, Craig hung up his own spikes in order to coach Austin’s teams. We then sort of went our separate ways – my family on the east side and the Schroeders on the north.

Craig and his wife Stacy are great people, and they obviously raised a great son. Rather than being a victim, Austin served as an inspiration. It is a great legacy. RIP, Flash!

*Congrats BJ!
         Congratulations to my son BJ, who has been named a winner of an Iowa City Human Rights Youth Award for the second consecutive year!

         I know I’m biased, but you know what? He deserves it! BJ is an amazing young man, who is as kind as any kid I’ve ever met. I am very proud!

         Great job, BJ! I love you!

*Bike To Work Week
Whether you’re an old hand on two wheels or are looking to join a community of joyful cyclists, there’s something for everyone during Bike to Work Week 2015, celebrated from May 3-8.

The cities of Iowa City, Coralville, University Heights, Johnson County, Think Bicycles of Johnson County, the University of Iowa, and local businesses and organizations will host a series of meals, rides, and events to celebrate and encourage residents to park their cars and enjoy our towns on two wheels.

Sunday, May 3: Family Ride—No rider left behind!
10 am, Lower City Park start. Meeting at Riverside Shakespeare Theatre in Lower City Park, ride south along Riverside Drive, and pick up additional riders at the Johnson County Administration Parking lot by 10:30 am. Then it is on to Terry Trueblood Recreation Area. This is an 8 mile round trip—10 miles if you ride around Sand Lake. The County Building start is 4 miles round trip; 6 miles around the lake. Riders will cross at controlled intersections at Burlington and Benton streets, but are otherwise on trails and wide sidewalks. Children must be accompanied by an adult and riders must wear a helmet.

Monday, May 4: Bike Commuter Breakfast
7:30-10 a.m., 312 E. Prentiss St.

Bus/Bike/Car Race: Meet 11:15 am at Coralville Public Library. Participants Jim Throgmorton, City of Iowa City; Tom Gill, City of Coralville; and Virginia Miller, City of University Heights, drive, bus, and ride in a race to the Iowa City Public Library.

Wheely Fun Bike Basics: 6-7:30 pm, Iowa City Public Library, Room A
Sponsored by the Iowa City Public Library and Iowa City Bike Library. Learning the nuts and bolts of bike maintenance in a fun, relaxed atmosphere.

Full Moon Ride: 7:30 pm start Iowa City Public Library. Enjoy a group ride under the stars with the Iowa City Full Moon Cruisers.

Tuesday, May 5: Commuter breakfast, 630 Iowa Ave., 7:30-9:30 am.
Sponsored by RIDE Iowa City

Wednesday, May 6—Bike to Schools Day
Commuter Breakfast, 6:30-8:30 am, University Heights City Hall, 1004 Melrose Ave. Sponsored by City of University Heights and Geoff’s Bike and Ski

Old Pi to New Pi Family Ride: 5:30 pm start Chauncey Swan Park, Washington St. Ride together to Coralville New Pi Co-op.

Thursday, May 7: Commuter Breakfast, 7-9 am, Johnson County Administration Building, 913 S. Dubuque St. Sponsored by Johnson County

Books and Bikes Brown Bag: Noon-1 pm, Iowa City Public Library, Room A. Bike on over, bring your lunch, and chat about books to take biking, maintaining your bike, bicycling authors, and more. Sponsored by the Iowa City Public Library.

Friday, May 8: Commuter Breakfast, 7-9 am, World of Bikes, 723 S. Gilbert St. Sponsored by World of Bikes.

End-of-Week Party from 5-8 pm, Iowa City Bike Library, 840 S. Capitol St. (east parking lot). Sponsored by Iowa City Bike Library and Think Bicycles.

*Ready For Hillary?
         In big news that comes as a surprise to no one, Hillary Rodham Clinton has entered the Presidential race.

         Let me be clear: I respect Secretary Clinton, and if she is the Democratic Party nominee, I will support her. But I am not yet ready to make an endorsement.

         Here are a few things I’ll be watching:

1.   Gender dynamics: I want to see the first female POTUS. But it is more important to me that we get progressive economic policies. So – will any and all decisions to support other Democrats be painted as acts of misogyny? If so, we are going to have serious inter-party problems.

2.   Economic populism: I am looking for someone to punch Larry Summers in the face. Literally. And if HRC won’t do that, she needs to demonstrate that her policies will be driven more by Elizabeth Warren than Goldman Sachs. This cannot be overstated – we need to make dramatic changes!

3.   Peace, not war: I think that as a female, HRC has always felt the need to demonstrate how “tough” she can be. That cost her the Presidency in ’08, and it could again. I don’t want that kind of tough. We need to spend less on the military, MUCH less on the CIA, and more on diplomacy. I want butter, not guns. HRC can accomplish this, too – she has incredible diplomatic experience!

4.   Race and corrections: No country has more people in jail and prison. Far too many of these folks are people of color. We need leadership on this from the very top.

While I care deeply about other issues, these are the issues that are going to motivate me when I choose a candidate. I sincerely hope Secretary Clinton takes similar positions on these important issues.

*Some Punditry
         Will HRC become our first female POTUS? I think that all depends upon the opposition.

         If HRC is the nominee, she will beat any candidate from the far right. No matter what the country feels about HRC, the country is not interested in the policies of Ted Cruz.

         You might think I’m too confident in this stance. After all, the same thing could have been said about the Ernst-Braley Senate race last year. And I would agree that you have a point.

         But while Iowans did not really know Bruce Braley, EVERYONE knows HRC. As a matter of fact, HRC is among the top 3-5 most well known people on planet Earth. She has been vetted. There will be no surprises.

         In addition, HRC will fight. Braley’s campaign focused far too much on the Koch Brothers, who were not running for anything. Experience shows us HRC will not sit back.

         I also believe HRC will beat Jeb Bush. The issue is really quite simple, and Barbara Bush (of all people) nailed it some time ago: “We don’t need another Bush.”

         If HRC is the nominee, she will be guaranteed 45% of the vote. The GOP nominee will also get 45% of the vote. But that final 10% that might be up for grabs? They don’t want another Bush.

         The people who scare me are folks like Scott Walker and John Kasich. They are not crazy, and they are not Bushes. That is the best formula for the GOP in’16.

*This Is My Brave
         Stories of mental health brought into the spotlight by the people who experience them.

         The show is 7pm on May 15 at the Coralville Center for the Performing Arts. Tickets available at

*DID YOU KNOW?  According to national studies, 40 percent of errands are 2 miles or less. Of these, 68 percent are by car. On average, Americans take 10 trips a week of 2 miles or less by car. Taking just a few of those trips each week by bike, bus, or on foot will improve health, cut down on fossil fuel use and pollution, and improve the quality of life for everyone.

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