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June 3, 2016

Sullivan’s Salvos     6/7/16

In this edition:

*RIP Tom Wall
*Sullivan for Supervisor!
*Election Night Party!
*Bullet Voting
*Clinton vs. Sanders
*Did You Know?

*RIP Tom Wall
         I was stunned to hear about the untimely passing of Morse area farmer Tom Wall.

         Tom ran the family farm near Morse, and we had many great conversations over the years. We talked Johnson County history, especially the Nolan Settlement; soybeans, livestock, 4H, the Fairgrounds, the Morse Village Plan, and sports. Tom knew a lot about many topics, and rather than just complain about things, he liked to try to solve problems.

         Tom was very smart, kind, funny, and willing to pitch in way beyond his share. Tom was a gentle giant, a family man, and just a great guy. He will be missed. RIP, Tom.

*Sullivan for Supervisor!
         As you (hopefully) know, I am running for reelection. Early voting has already begun for the June 7 Democratic Party Primary; I thought I should take a moment to make my case to Salvos readers!

I grew up on a Heritage farm (150 years in the same family) near Sutliff, and attended K-12 in the Lisbon school system. I attended the University of Iowa, earning a BA in 1988. I have held several positions in the field of human services, including 6 years with the Department of Human Services and 6 years as Executive Director of the Arc of Johnson County.

I am married to Dr. Melissa Fath, a Research Scientist at the UI and a volunteer Pharmacist at the Free Medical Clinic. We have 3 adult children-Rachel, Jordan, and BJ, and have served as foster parents for another 40+ children.

I have been active in many local organizations, including volunteering for the Shelter Overflow, Furniture Project, United Way, Community Foundation of Johnson County, Affordable Homes Coalition, Coalition for Racial Justice, UI Center for Disabilities and Development, Hoover PTA, City High Little Hawks Club, Yes for Kids Steering Committee, and the Batterer’s Education Program.

I am a member of several community organizations, including: St. Andrew Presbyterian Church, Iowa Foster & Adoptive Parent Association, Sierra Club, Burr Oak Land Trust, Johnson County Historical Society, Johnson County Ag Association, Center for Worker Justice, ACLU Hawkeye Chapter, AFT Local 716, and NAMI. I also served 4 years as Chair of the Johnson County Democratic Party.

Some of the accomplishments of which I am proud:

Leadership during ’08 floods.
Human Rights Ordinance.
Sensitive Areas Ordinance.
Conservation Bond Initiative.
Started 1105 Project with gift of old Public Health building.
Saved Sutliff Bridge.
Trails funding.
Community ID.
Free Tax Help project.
Livable Community Successful Aging.
Outdoor warning sirens to unincorporated Johnson County.
Local Foods Policy Council.
“A” in local government transparency from Sunshine Institute.
Heritage AAA Outstanding Elected Official – 2009.
Raising the minimum wage.
Funding affordable housing.

         I respectfully request your vote on or before June 7. Thanks!

*Election Night Party!
         We are holding an Election Night Returns Party Tuesday, June 7 at 8PM at Boyd’s (formerly Bob’s Your Uncle). Come by for free pizza and a cash bar, and join us as we watch the results roll in.

*Bullet Voting
         As is the case with any election, some folks are trying to decide what strategy they should use as they go into the voting booth. I heard a few people debating whether or not to “bullet vote.” I was surprised to find a few people who had no idea what this term meant. So, a brief explanation:

         We will use this year’s election as an example. There are 6 candidates for 3 seats. Imagine that you have 2 candidates that you REALLY like, and you are pretty indifferent about the third seat.

         If you cast all 3 votes, you are giving the exact same weight to the third person as you did to the two you really like. Imagine a scenario where one of your top 2 lost to your third choice by ONE vote – and you cast that vote!

         In this scenario, many savvy voters will only cast two votes. That type of under-voting is also known as “bullet voting”.

         There are some out there who feel bullet voting is somehow inappropriate; they feel you should use every vote you are given. On the other hand, many see it as the only sensible thing to do.

         Personally, I often bullet vote. What are your thoughts?

*Clinton vs. Sanders
         There is a great deal of gnashing of teeth as pundits speculate whether or not supporters of Bernie Sanders will get on board with the campaign of Hillary Clinton.

         Please allow me to take you back to 2008… it was June 7, 2008 when Hillary Clinton suspended her campaign and threw her support to Barack Obama. Sound familiar?

         Additionally, a CNN poll from July 5, 2008 showed that only 54% of Clinton supporters would support Obama. That was 120 days before the election! Again, sound familiar?

         Yes, there is a concern about party unity. Both sides have a lot of work to do in this area. But the sky is not falling.

*DID YOU KNOW?  Turnout in Democratic Primaries during Presidential years have been very low when there is no open seat. (’12 saw 5329 voters; ’08 saw 5130.) When there is an open seat, turnout is much higher. (’04 was 9305 voters; ‘00 was 7400.)  Source: Johnson County Auditor’s Office.

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