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August 23, 2009

Sullivan’s Salvos 8/25/09

This may be good, it may be meaningless, or it may be a sign of the apocalypse… but I am now on Twitter! I know very little about Twitter; I have only sent two “tweets”. That said, feel free to sign up and “follow” me!

So, loyal readers… please offer some advice! Who or what should I follow? What should I tweet about? Are there “dos and don’ts” when it comes to Twitter? Please share your thoughts!

School Board elections are a mere two weeks away. Folks – you will not cast a more important ballot! You know how politicians talk about things being “for our children”? Well, this REALLY IS for our children! And even if you are childless, schools are the biggest users of your tax dollars. Everyone should pay attention, and everyone should vote!

I urge you to cast your ballot on Tuesday, September 8, or to vote early any weekday between 8 AM and 6 PM at the Auditor’s Office. (Remember – there are combined polling places in school elections. See the Auditor’s website at for details.)

The Landlocked Film Festival runs Thursday through Sunday in downtown Iowa City. This is the final leg of the Summer of the Arts, and probably the least well known. I really enjoy this festival; I believe you will, too. For more info, see:

St. Peter and Paul’s Catholic Church in Cosgrove is holding its annual Pork Day celebration on Sunday. I have tried in vain to find more info – if this year’s celebration is like previous events, it will consist of a good meal, beer tent, polka music, and other fun stuff!

The Regina Fall Festival is coming up Labor Day Weekend. I have always enjoyed this event – I appreciate the close-knit community that is Regina.

The event opens at 5 pm Friday with carnival rides, games for kids, a garage sale, softball tournament, and 3v3 soccer tournament. These and other events continue through the weekend. Enjoy live music every evening. All meals and the Sunday brunch are hosted by one of the high school classes. Come Sunday, participants of all ages walk/run in the Fall Fun Run 5K. Fireworks at dusk put a cap on the weekend. I hope you get a chance to share in the fun!

Club Kazi (Kazi = “to work” in Swahili) presents the 2009 Save Our Children Conference September 10 & 11 in Coralville. The purpose of this conference is to gather African Americans who are concerned over the number of African American children in Foster Care in Iowa.

For more info, contact LaTasha Massey at 688-5708 or

In light of the recent tragic shooting event, friends have approached me regarding the need for some type of commission similar to the Iowa City Police Citizen Review Board.

I have always supported the Iowa City Police Citizen Review Board. I think it serves an important purpose. I know my friends in law enforcement hate the idea, but I think it provides an important check and balance. The public deserves a strong voice in the manner in which they are policed.

Thankfully, the County form of government already has a way for the public to weigh in – we elect our Sheriffs. And that matters!

Let’s say, hypothetically, that a local city has a really bad Chief of Police. The Chief makes several inexcusable mistakes. The Chief does not respond to the public. He needs to go.

In most cities, the public would need to elect 4 new council members, each of whom was willing to fire any City Manager who refused to fire the Chief. Guess hat? It ain’t happening. Ever.

I think we have a great Sheriff, who is very responsive to public concerns. That is in part because the public chose him.

DID YOU KNOW? All people who have any County subscriptions (agendas, minutes, Commission openings, etc.) will need to sign up again due to a new County website. See to subscribe.

Anyone interested in learning more about County government should take a look at the County website-

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