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October 3, 2009

Sullivan’s Salvos 10/6/09

It is Homecoming this week at the UI. I love the traditions and pageantry of Homecoming, from the buttons to the parade to the painted windows. It infuses us with an extra sense of community.

I hope everyone in Johnson County gets an opportunity to get out and enjoy Homecoming Week! Go Hawks!

The untimely passing of Supervisor Larry Meyers has triggered some interesting governmental processes. The following is copied from the Johnson County Auditor’s website (

It is the County's legal responsibility to act quickly to fill Meyers' seat, so that the people of Johnson County may be represented by a full Board of Supervisors as soon as possible. Under Iowa law that duty falls to a committee of the Auditor, Recorder and Treasurer.

On Monday, Sept. 28, the committee unanimously decided to appoint a Supervisor. The appointee would serve until the November 2010 general election, unless the public petitions for a special election. The petition would require 7,299 signatures (10 percent of the presidential vote in the 2008 general election).

Meyers' term was scheduled to run through December 31, 2010. Two Supervisors will be elected to four-year terms in the November 2, 2010 general election. Following the canvass of votes from the November 2010 election (on November 8 or 9), an elected Supervisor will immediately take office to replace the appointee.

The committee is tentatively scheduled to make its appointment at a meeting beginning at 2 p.m. Wednesday, October 28, 2009. Interviews are tentatively scheduled for October 22, 23, and 26. This schedule is subject to change.
Interested eligible electors who have resided in Johnson County for 60 days prior to appointment may apply. A resume and cover letter stating why the applicant is interested in serving the public in this capacity should be mailed or delivered to: Johnson County Auditor
913 S. Dubuque St. Suite 101
Iowa City, IA 52240.

Applications must be received in the Auditor's Office by 5 p.m. Friday, Oct. 16. Applications and supporting documents, along with minutes and agendas, will be posted on this page, which will be frequently updated as the committee continues its work.

I got a letter the other day that REALLY made me angry! William Fehrman, President of MidAmerican Energy sent me a letter explaining why he thinks the energy bill moving through Congress will cost me more money.

You know what costs me money, Mr. Fehrman? When you use your monopoly status and my hard-earned money to lobby against my best interests!

You know what costs me money, Mr. Fehrman? When you use your monopoly status and my hard-earned money to advertise to an audience that has no other choice!

MidAmerican enjoys a privileged status as a private utility in Iowa. I have no problem with the service they provide; I have found them to be very dependable. The local MidAmerican employees seem to work really hard, and do a fine job. But it infuriates me when the company’s management spends our money to make things worse for us!

MidAmerican is holding a series of meetings (propaganda sessions) to discuss the issue. One meeting is currently scheduled for Wednesday, October 7 from noon-1:30 at Old Brick in Iowa City. Show up and let MidAmerican know how you feel!

Johnson County is not necessarily thought of as a fall tourist destination, but it should be! We are blessed with lots of locations that offer beautiful fall foliage and other fall scenery. A few of my favorites:

· North of the Iowa River, south and west of Swisher.

· East of the Iowa River, south and west of Solon.

· The Frytown Conservation area, Kent Park, and other County Conservation areas.

· In and along the Amish & Mennonite areas of the County, particularly 540th and 560th Streets.

· Sutliff.

· Lake MacBride State Park.

There are many other great locations, but these will get you started. I think you’ll find that they compare favorably with Iowa’s better-known spots. Take some time to enjoy the fall splendor, and do it here in Johnson County!

Government is GOOD! How do I know? Because the Veteran’s Medical System exists to meet the medical needs of the women and men who have served our country.

By most measures, the VA system is effective and efficient. Sure, it can be improved. But imagine the difficulties our veterans would have without it! Brought to you by your GOVERNMENT!

DID YOU KNOW? A township is the smallest form of County government… roughly 36 square miles.

Anyone interested in learning more about County government should take a look at the County website- .

"Sullivan’s Salvos" is sent once per week to any interested party. It will give a brief update on issues of interest to Johnson County residents.

These messages come solely from Rod Sullivan, and neither represents the viewpoints of the whole Board of Supervisors nor those of groups or individuals otherwise mentioned.

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