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September 5, 2011

Sullivan’s Salvos 9/6/11

In this edition:

*On the Radio!
*School Board Elections
*A Funny Story!
*Taste of North Liberty
*Iowa Women’s Music Festival
*Did You Know?

*On the Radio!
I have a neat opportunity this Tuesday, September 6, as I will be a guest on the Iowa Public Radio network’s 10 AM “Talk of Iowa” show.

Host Charity Nebbe will be speaking to Kaci O’Day Goldstein and I about foster care and adoption in Iowa.

I do not know Ms. O’Day Goldstein, but according to her biography, she and her spouse have been foster parents for 8 years, fostered 24 children, and adopted 3. That sounds very similar to our experience – we have been foster parents for about 13 years, fostered between 30-40 kids, and adopted 3.

While it will be kinda cool just to be on the radio, I am really excited about the topic. Foster care and adoption have been a big part of our lives. In many ways, it has come to define who we are.

Most importantly, Iowa (and Johnson County) are in DESPERATE need of foster families! It may sound cliché, but if we could do it, you can do it. Yes, there have been some bumps along the road. It has not always been easy. But I wouldn’t change a thing.

I hope you will tune in on Tuesday morning. More importantly, I hope you will consider becoming a foster parent!

*School Board Elections
School Board elections are September 13 in Johnson County. While there are elections in every school district, I want to focus briefly on the ICCSD.

Toni Cilek, Gayle Klouda, Michael Shaw and Mike Cooper have all decided not to seek reelection. Eight candidates are seeking the four available 4-year positions.

Since Mike Cooper moved with two years left on his term, there are also two candidates (Karla Cook and Julie Van Dyke) for the two years remaining on his term.

The eight 4-year term candidates are incumbent Patti Fields, Sally Hoelscher, Marla Swesey, Jim Tate, Phil Hemingway, Bob Porter, Jeff Alden, and Jeff McGinness.

No matter who wins, I have some advice: you cannot please everyone. As a matter of fact, lots of people will be angry no matter what you do.

So – just do what is right. Don’t get hung up on process. Don’t get hung up on those damned governance rules. (Sorry, Nick!)

Don’t worry about reelection; you aren’t going to get paid for this, and you won’t get famous. So do the right thing.

A lot of this really is common sense. If a mother calls you, call her back. Teachers have a very good idea what works in the classroom – respect them and listen to them. If a statewide organization continues to flout the law, quit being a member. If a person commits 3 or more fireable offenses, he should be fired. Common sense.

Good luck to all the candidates. The whole ICCSD (about 100,000 people) is counting on you.

*A Funny Story
I was walking my dog a week or so ago, only about a dozen or so blocks from my house.

Out of the corner of my eye, I see something flying in the air toward me. I stop, and it lands about ten feet from me.

I think I know what this is, but it CAN”T possibly be that! Upon closer examination, it is what I feared… a bag of dog excrement!

I know that we live in a world where elected officials are not held in high regard. But throwing dog poop? Really?

Before I had a chance to react, the owner of the house came running around the corner of the house apologizing. To make the story even funnier, the poop thrower is an old friend of mine!

I am happy to report that he did not throw the poop as a result of my politics!

*Taste of North Liberty
Hometown Rewards in conjunction with the North Liberty Farmer’s Market is presenting a “Taste of North Liberty”.

The event is Sunday, September 11, from 11-2 at the North Liberty Rec Center, and features updates on several North Liberty “green” initiatives.

*Iowa Women’s Music Festival
The Iowa Women’s Music Festival is Saturday, September 10 in Iowa City.

Acts include Angie Pierce Jennings
Camille Bloom 
Lindsay Mac and the Boom Booms 
Jami Sieber w/Natalie Brown 
Pieta Brown w/Bo Ramsey 
Dawn Drake and ZapOte

The event concludes with a performance by legendary artist Janis Ian at the Englert at 8PM.

For more information, see:

*DID YOU KNOW? Turnout in School Board elections in the ICCSD was higher in ’95-’99 than it has been since, despite the fact that the population of the ICCSD has grown over 20% in that time.

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