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June 16, 2016

Sullivan’s Salvos     6/21/16

In this edition:

*We’re Having A Party!
*More Dad Stuff
*More on That $400…
*Unity Picnic
*Did You Know?

Join us for a day of family fun, free entertainment, health and information fair, free food (while supplies last) and more! We are celebrating Juneteenth and the civil rights movements past and present. You won't want to miss this!

Juneteenth will be celebrated Saturday, June 25 from 12-6 PM at Mercer Park in Iowa City.

*We’re Having A Party!
         Anybody know the old Sam Cooke song by that title? I love Sam Cooke! But that is not the point…

2015 was a difficult year for us. Melissa turned 50, but had breast cancer surgery just a few days later. Fast forward a few months, and things are looking good.

So 2016 is the year we celebrate all the blessings in our lives! Melissa is 50. Rod turns 50. The kids are grown. The mortgage is paid. In the words of Barry Manilow, "Looks like we made it!" So we are going to celebrate!

If you know us, you are invited! If you don't know us, come by and introduce yourself! We really want all our friends, family, and acquaintances to be a part of the celebration!

Please join us for food, drink, music, karaoke, dancing, volleyball, and more! Bring your singing voices, costumes, instruments... the show must go on!

We have reserved the rustic Club 76 in rural North Liberty, so there is plenty of room to shig it up! There will be something for everyone!

No presents, please - your attendance is your gift. Call us at 319-354-7199 if you have any questions.

Saturday, June 25, 4pm – 12am
Club 76 The Lodge
2349 Mehaffey Bridge Road, rural North Liberty

*More Dad Stuff
         The weekend of June 17-19 is an emotional one for me, as I move my middle daughter Jordan to Memphis, Tennessee to begin her professional life. (That is why your Salvos showed up a bit early this week.)

         This occasion makes me want to reminisce: In case you did not know, Jordan was adopted. She first came to our house as a 5-year-old little girl – but those first 5 years were eventful. She dealt with problems that most of us can never dream of.

         Her bravery in the face of danger inspired me. At age 5, Jordan took it upon herself to protect her brother and herself. She demonstrated more courage as a little girl than most adults I have ever met.

         Our time together has not always been easy. Jordan has had to work, and work hard. We have been through a lot. She has done what she needed to do, and the results are fantastic!

As time went on, Jordan grew into a wonderful young lady. She is bright, hard working, and believes strongly in fairness and justice. She is honest, trustworthy, and follows the rules. She really cares about those who are less fortunate. She is a good girl!

Jordan had a great career at City High. She served as a mentor for CCIA; she participated in basketball and track; she was a member of the Spirit Club; she worked two jobs; she attended church and church youth groups; and her grades were solid.

At Western Illinois University in Macomb, Illinois, she earned a scholarship to study psychology and participated in Division I track for four years, along with the Glam Club. She earned her BS in Psychology about a month ago.

         We fight – sometimes loud and long! But I cannot imagine loving someone more. And I admire her – so deeply. I am so very proud. I really don’t have the words.

It is really neat to be able to say that one of the people I admire the most is my own daughter. I am a very lucky man!

Selfishly, I wish she was going to be closer. I have already shed a few tears, and I know there are more to come. But hopefully she will spread her wings for a while, then decide to come back closer to home. Meanwhile, Memphis is an AWESOME city to visit! It is home to great BBQ and some of the best music in the world! I can live with that!

         Congratulations, Honey! I am proud of you and I love you!

*More on That $400…
         Hopefully you are aware of the recent study that showed that 50% of all Americans could not access $400 if they needed it for an emergency. $400 is NOT much money!

         I was reminded of this during Jordan’s move. Jordan has done everything you could expect a young person to do. She is a model young college grad, who got a “real job” immediately following graduation. While the job won’t make her rich, it is a decent rate of pay for a first job. She has worked hard and played by the rules. But man, did she ever need her parents!

         We rented a van to move her belongings. We put a deposit on the apartment. We paid the first month’s rent. We put a deposit on utilities. We bought her groceries to get started. Trust me, we are in for way over $400!

         But what is a young person to do? Jordan was a D-I athlete in college, which paid for school but limited her ability to work. She worked every summer, but at a very low wage job. She has a little bit in savings, but not nearly enough to make this move on her own.

         We are very fortunate. Jordan is very fortunate. We can afford to cover these expenses for her and get her started in life. But more than 50% of all Americans could NOT help their child in this way. What do those young adults do? Where do they turn? Every American should be very concerned about this!

         More importantly, what about people who need $400 not to move cities, but because their lease was not renewed? Their car won’t start? They had a medical bill? They had to miss work because their child was sick? What do these people do?

         We have work to do, friends. Until everyone in our society has a stronger safety net, we have work to do.

*Unity Picnic
         The Johnson County Democratic Party has a nice tradition – after each primary election, winners and losers alike come together and hold a unity picnic in support of the slate of nominees.

         That event was held last Friday, and most of the candidates and a few of the elected officials showed up. I never miss this event – it is important. I’m glad the Party does this. I look forward to working with our whole slate as we move to the fall elections.

*DID YOU KNOW?  Memphis is home to the National Civil Rights Museum, which encompasses the Lorraine Motel, where the Reverend Doctor Martin Luther King, Junior was assassinated in 1968.

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