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July 21, 2016

Sullivan’s Salvos     7/26/16

In this edition:

*ICCSD Election Results
*”How Can We Help?”
*TPP and the Democratic Party Platform
*Health Improvement Plan
*Did You Know?

*ICCSD Election Results
         A very contentious special election is finally in the books, with Paul Roessler defeating JP Claussen and Janice Weiner. Despite all the passion demonstrated by supporters, turnout was once again lousy, at 5757 votes cast, or under 9%.

Roessler will now finish the remainder of Tom Yates’ term on the ICCSD Board of Directors.

         Congratulations to Paul, and thanks to all 3 candidates for running. Paul - I wish you luck! Please let me know if I can be of any assistance!

*”How Can We Help?”
You may have seen news coverage of the 7/10/16 vigil in downtown Iowa City. It was relatively well attended; most of the people present were “regulars” in the fight for social and economic justice. A speaker who is NOT one of these familiar faces took the microphone and asked, "How can we help?"

Here are ten answers: 

1. Inclusionary zoning;
2. More money for affordable housing;
3. A policy mandating developers to assist displaced residents;
4. Major revisions to the "scattered site" model IC uses;
5. More customer-friendly policies at the IC Housing Authority;
6. Requiring affordable housing as part of TIF projects;
7. Meaningful training of police;
8. Real respect and empowerment for the Citizen Police Review Board;  9. Greater funding for health and human services agencies;
10. Continued increases in the minimum wage.

I hope the speaker will join me in forcefully advocating for these changes. All of these ideas have been suggested to past City Councils, and all were rebuffed until the new Council was seated.

         I did not make up this list. Ask experts in the field; this stuff is needed. It is all very real, and it all has a huge impact on the kids in our schools.

         Hopefully, the speaker and all of her friends will join in the fight for a more just Iowa City and Johnson County. There are plenty of opportunities for everyone to pitch in!

         I watched the recent events in Turkey with a very heavy heart. One of the best parts of Melissa’s career in scientific research is that we have made friends from around the globe. That includes several good friends from Turkey.

Most Americans are pretty ignorant when it comes to Turkey. That is a shame, because Turkey is a critical US ally in one of the world’s most volatile regions. Turkey is very significant in its’ own right – it is the world’s 18th most populous country and 7th most powerful military (out of about 200 countries).

         We have often heard bigots claim that Islam and democracy do not work. Yet Turkey proves this wrong! While a vast majority of the people are Sunni Muslim, Turkey has been a democracy since 1923!

         Unfortunately, Turkey has taken a major turn toward authoritarianism under Prime Minister Erdogan. The failed coup is likely make that even worse. I hope more democracy is in Turkey’s future, but there is ample reason to be concerned! Meanwhile, my prayers go out to the people of Turkey!

*TPP and the Democratic Party Platform
         You have probably heard about the Trans Pacific Partnership, better known as the TPP. The TPP is a proposed trade deal that has been enacted in secret, by big business and for big business. Unfortunately, despite all common sense, the TPP appears to be on the fast track to approval.

Yet despite the fact that most Democrats oppose the TPP, Bernie Sanders is on record opposing the TPP, and Hillary Clinton is on record opposing the TPP, the Democratic Party Platform does NOT oppose the TPP. How did this happen?

Apparently most Sanders appointees voted to oppose the TPP, but most Clinton appointees voted to leave it alone. The explanation was that they did not want to oppose President Obama on the matter.

Here is the problem – President Obama is wrong! The TPP is a VERY bad deal for America and the world! We need trade policies that protect workers, protect the environment, and protect US sovereignty. The TPP fails miserably on each of these points.

People - do not give up the fight! We missed an opportunity here, but we have the whole Presidential election season to get this thing stopped!

*Health Improvement Plan
The Johnson County 2016/2020 Health Improvement Plan (HIP) is now complete!

Over the last 1.5 years, with the help and guidance from dozens of community partners and interested citizens, we have identified many of the health concerns that face Johnson County residents. We have focused on the Social Determinants of Health and the effects those determinants have on certain populations within our county.

Johnson County Public Health (JCPH) will coordinate with community partners in the development of work plans to address these issues.

Please take the time to read this plan (available on our website) and share it with your colleagues. For questions, please contact Dave Koch, Community Health Manager, Johnson County Public Health 319-356-6040.

2016 Annual Homeless Children’s Trust Back to School Backpack Project Donation Drive: July 25- August 12.

Drop Offs at: Hy Vee, UI Community Credit Union, Big K Mart, Geico Insurance, KXIC, Core Fitness, Hills Bank on Gilbert Street, Senior Center, Or Drop Off at 3 HACAP Service Centers: 318 E. Bloomington Street, Iowa City; 367 Southgate Avenue, Iowa City; or 2441-10th Street, Coralville.

Please put the following items in the little red schoolhouses: No. 2 pencils, crayons, folders, erasers, rulers, notebooks, backpacks, colored pencils, safety scissors, and more!

This event is sponsored by the Hawkeye Area Community Action Program (HACAP). Volunteers and donations are provided by HACAP staff members and community volunteers. HACAP is a member agency of the United Way.

Checks may be written to the Homeless Children’s Trust and sent to 367 Southgate, Iowa City, IA 52240. Call Mary Larew, 337-2264 or 338-1212, or Jeanne Nunley at 337-5765 with questions.

*DID YOU KNOW?  The modern record for turnout in a School Board election in the ICCSD is 12%, achieved in the September 10, 2013 election.

Anyone interested in learning more about County government should take a look at the County website-

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