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October 1, 2011

Sullivan’s Salvos 10/4/11

In this edition:

*Differing Impressions
*Von Maur to Coralville
*Pick an Issue!
*Gay Expo
*Pilot Club Breakfast
*Dems BBQ
*Run For The Schools
*Did You Know?

*Differing Impressions
I always find it interesting when I have formed an opinion of someone, then hear something different from a trusted source.

For example, it is not unusual for me to decide that I really like someone, only to have a friend later inform me that they believe said person is dishonest, rude, etc. This always gives me pause.

On the other hand, I’ll sometimes form a negative opinion of someone only to find out later that we have dozens of mutual friends. Again, this always gives me pause.

This just goes to show that we are all complex, multi-faceted people. I am trying really hard to recognize that we all have both good and bad characteristics.

*Von Maur to Coralville
Regular readers know I frequently write about what I see as an overuse and abuse of TIF. (I have literally hundreds of pages should anyone wish to see it.)

Some of those same readers have asked me what I think of Coralville’s using $11 million in TIF to lure Von Maur from Sycamore to the Iowa River Landing.

What do I think of it? What do you THINK I think of it? It is bullcrap! There isn’t much more to say!

*Pick an Issue!
“The hottest place in Hell is reserved for those who, in times of great moral crisis, remain neutral.” ---Dante

I made a promise to myself when I decided to run for office. I promised that I was going to do what was right, consequences be damned. If I lose an election because I voted and/or voiced my conscience, so be it.

I hope that I have stayed true to this in the 7 years since. Unfortunately, standing on principle is not common in local government.

This does not mean the folks in local government are bad people. It simply means they are not there for the right reasons.

Think about your current group of local elected officials. What are they passionate about? What is their vision? What issues did they run on? What really makes them angry? What really makes them happy?

Odds are you can answer this for a few folks, but not most. Don’t feel bad if you cannot answer those questions. First, the local media hasn’t said much about it. And they will not do so, because in-depth local news coverage is dead. Secondly, those elected officials have not said it either. They do not know.

I am tired of people serving who think being elected would be a cool thing for the resume. Then they sit back and let staff tell them how to vote. Elected office is IMPORTANT! We need people who have a fire in the belly to serve in these capacities.

City Council elections are coming up. Allow me to set the stage: a forum is held. A question is put to the candidates – “Why do you want this position?” The response – from every candidate – “I want to give back to the community.” Do not allow this to happen! There is no bigger cliché! As community members, we need to drill down and find out what these folks are about.

It is not often that I look to the current House Republicans as an example, but I am going to give it a shot. Look at the fervor with which they protect the wealthy. They are 100%, all-in committed to doing whatever it takes to protect the wealthy.

I wholeheartedly disagree with their choice of causes, but I respect their passion. It would be nice to see some more local elected officials demonstrate some passion. For something. For anything.

*Big Gay Expo
The 6th annual Big Gay Expo will be Tuesday, October 4 from 7-9 PM at the Hotel Vetro.

Come OUT and find out why Iowa City was listed as the 3rd gayest city in the US by the Advocate magazine! Local LGBT groups, organizations and businesses will be there for networking. Free appetizers.

Questions? Contact Bridget Malone at

*Pilot Club Breakfast
The Pilot Club is holding its 36th Annual Breakfast & Bazaar Fundraiser Saturday, October 8 from 7-11AM at First United Methodist Church in Iowa City.

All money raised by the Pilot Club funds local charities that address brain-related disorders.

*Dems BBQ
It is time for the annual Johnson County Democrats Fall Barbeque! Date: Saturday, October 8. Time: 4-7 p.m.
Location: Johnson County Fairgrounds, Building C. Cost: $25 per adult, $15 per senior or student.

Menu: Local barbequed pork, side dishes and homemade desserts. Sponsorship levels are $100 (Precinct Captain), $250 (Press Secretary) and $500 (Campaign Manager).

For more information, to volunteer or become an early sponsor, please contact Liz Etchells, Fundraising Chair, at 319-541-9672 or We look forward to seeing you there!

*Run For The Schools
Run for the Schools will be held on Sunday, October 9. The race is sponsored by MidWestOne Bank 
& hosted by Iowa City Road Races, Inc.

Through the generous support of individuals and sponsors, the Iowa City Community School District Foundation received over $28,000 last year to help support the School District! Regina also receives financial contributions.

Run for the Schools donations are being accepted! Mail your check to ICCSDF, 509 S. Dubuque St., Iowa City, IA 52240.

To register or for more info see:

*DID YOU KNOW? Over 1,591 senior citizens suffer a fall each day. The average cost of medical bills resulting from those falls is over $19,000 each.

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